Explore the epitome of creativity and precision with Bostik's stationery and repair range. Crafted with excellence, each product promises to elevate your crafting and repair projects to unparalleled heights. From the iconic Bostik Blu Tack Original Reusable Adhesive, offering versatile and reliable adhesion, to the innovative Bostik Fix & Flash Micro UV Activated Glue, providing swift and durable fixes under any light condition, our collection ensures every task is accomplished with finesse.

Unleash your imagination with the vibrant Bostik Glitter Glu Pens, adding a sparkling touch to your creations, or opt for the dependable Bostik Fast Tak Permanent Adhesive Spray for seamless bonding. With Bostik, quality meets ingenuity, empowering you to achieve brilliance effortlessly. Boost your crafting and repair experience today. Shop the Bostik range now for unmatched excellence!

Evo-Stik, Bostik, OB1 and Siroflex products are supplied by the same supplier and have minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery costs £50 +VAT. Free delivery on orders over £600 +VAT. All 4 brands can be mixed in same order to meet the minimum quantity requirement. In general this supplier delivers orders within 3 weeks.

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