At the forefront of tiling excellence lies Bostik, offering a comprehensive array of products designed to elevate your projects to new standards of perfection. From the robust reliability of Bostik A100 Showerproof Wall Tile Adhesive to the steadfast strength of MC400 Supa-Flex S2 Tile Adhesive in Grey, our range ensures flawless results in every application.

Unmatched in versatility, Bostik MC310 OPF Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive effortlessly accommodates diverse substrates, while AP250 Flexibond Acrylic Primer Sealer prepares surfaces for impeccable finishes. Seal the deal with Bostik J115 Flexible Smooth Finish Wall & Floor Grout, ensuring seamless perfection in every corner. Explore the pinnacle of tiling craftsmanship with Bostik. Transform your spaces into masterpieces, one tile at a time. Elevate your projects with Bostik today.

Evo-Stik, Bostik, OB1 and Siroflex products are supplied by the same supplier and have minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery costs £50 +VAT. Free delivery on orders over £600 +VAT. All 4 brands can be mixed in same order to meet the minimum quantity requirement. In general this supplier delivers orders within 3 weeks.

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