Unveil the exceptional range of Evo-Stik fillers and plasters, expertly formulated to meet your sealing and repair needs. Evo-Stik Natural Linseed Oil Putty Exterior Over Paintable offers enduring, weather-resistant seals, ideal for preserving wooden window frames. Meanwhile, Evo-Stik Plumber’s Mait Non-Setting Putty provides a flexible, reliable solution for plumbing repairs. Indoors or outdoors, Evo-Stik Trowel Mastic delivers a versatile, easy-to-apply formula that adheres seamlessly to various surfaces.

For precise filling of large gaps and cavities, choose Evo-Stik Expanding Gun Applied Foam Filler, available in standard and fire-retardant options. In urgent situations, trust Evo-Stik Plumber’s Mait Quick Leak Repair Putty for swift and effective fixes. Upgrade your DIY projects with Evo-Stik's trusted range, celebrated for its reliability and simplicity. Transform your repair tasks with Evo-Stik today and experience unmatched results. Order now!

Evo-Stik, Bostik, OB1 and Siroflex products are supplied by the same supplier and have minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery costs £50 +VAT. Free delivery on orders over £600 +VAT. All 4 brands can be mixed in same order to meet the minimum quantity requirement. In general this supplier delivers orders within 3 weeks.

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