Evo-Stik offers exceptional performance and reliability, designed to meet all your adhesive needs with precision and ease. From the Evo-Stik Impact Instant Contact Adhesive, known for its rapid, robust bonding, to the Evo-Stik Timebond Non-Drip Contact Adhesive, which provides mess-free application, every product is crafted for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The Evo-Stik D3 Fast Setting Exterior Wood Glue ensures durable, weather-resistant joins, while the Evo-Stik Waterproof PVA Bonds Seals Primes offers versatile, watertight solutions for various surfaces. The Evo-Stik Instant Bond Mitre Adhesive delivers quick, strong bonds perfect for intricate woodworking, and the Evo-Stik PVC & ABS Pipe Weld Adhesive offers reliable, permanent seals for plumbing projects. Each Evo-Stik product is engineered for efficiency, saving you time and effort without compromising on quality. Elevate your craftsmanship with Evo-Stik – your ultimate adhesive solution. Explore the full range today and enjoy unparalleled bonding strength.

Evo-Stik, Bostik, OB1 and Siroflex products are supplied by the same supplier and have minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery costs £50 +VAT. Free delivery on orders over £600 +VAT. All 4 brands can be mixed in same order to meet the minimum quantity requirement. In general this supplier delivers orders within 3 weeks.

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