Immerse yourself in Granville's maintenance and repair range, where quality meets reliability for all your automotive needs. From ensuring your exhaust system runs smoothly with our Exhaust Assembly Paste to giving your vehicle's interior a showroom shine with Cockpit Shine Gloss 500ml Aerosol Spray, Granville has you covered. Our Bat Aid Battery Life Extender 24g ensures your battery stays charged longer, while Battery Top Up De-Ionised Water keeps it running efficiently.

But that's not all – tackle rust head-on with our Heavy Duty Rust Cure Converter and explore a plethora of other essential maintenance products designed to keep your vehicle in prime condition. With Granville, you can trust in products that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and peace of mind on every drive. Upgrade your maintenance game with Granville today, and experience the difference quality makes.

Granville as the supplier has a minimum order value of £600 +VAT. All these brands are supplied by Granville: Turtle Wax, Veedol, Slick 50, Rain-X, Nova, Medo, Gunk, Burgess, Autosol, Abro, 10k Boost, Liquid Wrench and can be mixed in the same order to reach minimum order value. In general, Granville delivers orders within a week.

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