JB Weld is a symbol of strength and durability for bonding solutions, offering a wide range of high-performance products meticulously engineered to meet the toughest challenges. With a legacy of innovation, and reliability, JB Weld has become the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. They are well-known for renowned epoxy adhesives, including the iconic 5-minute and 6-minute steel epoxy variants. These adhesives provide a quick and reliable solution for bonding metal, wood, plastic, and more, with exceptional strength and durability. For applications requiring extra reinforcement, they offer steel-reinforced epoxy, delivering unmatched structural integrity and resilience. For versatile repairs and DIY projects, JB Weld offers epoxy putty sticks, perfect for filling gaps, sealing leaks, and repairing surfaces. These putty sticks offer excellent adhesion and can be shaped and molded to fit any contour, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Not only that, they also provide a comprehensive range of threadlockers, including medium-strength variants available in 6ml, 13ml, and 36ml sizes, as well as high-strength options. These threadlockers offer reliable locking and sealing of threaded fasteners, preventing loosening and leakage in demanding applications. It also offers plastic repair epoxy, specially formulated to bond and repair plastic surfaces with ease. This epoxy provides superior adhesion and flexibility, ensuring lasting repairs on a wide range of plastic materials. Experience the reliability and versatility of JB Weld's products today, and unlock infinite possibilities for your projects.

Supplier of JB Weld and Simply products has minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery to UK Mainland is free. Areas outside UK Mainland will have delivery charge which will be quoted after we receive your order request with delivery details. We also can accept lower MOQ per products but in this case the prices will be higher than displayed on website.
In general this supplier delivers orders within a week.

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