Over 25 years ago, K2 began an ambitious journey in the automotive industry, growing from humble beginnings into a globally recognized brand. Based in Poland, K2 has shipped hundreds of millions of products to over 90 countries, building a reputation for excellence and innovation. Enthusiasm, passion, and perseverance have been the driving forces behind K2’s success, leading to the creation of nearly 1,000 products designed for automotive enthusiasts and professionals. The extensive range includes car cosmetics and fragrances, brake and cooling fluids, fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oils, a variety of epoxy putties and glues as well as specialized products for workshops, detailing salons, car washes, and paint shops.

K2 is dedicated to maintaining high quality by subjecting its products to rigorous testing and adhering to international standards. Through investment in modern technology and continuous research and development, K2 ensures that its products meet the highest global quality standards. This commitment has been recognized with prestigious awards and accolades, including the Gold Medal of the Consumer Laurel Competition. From repair and cleaning solutions to air fresheners and professional-grade coatings, each K2 product embodies the promise of reliability and excellence, establishing K2 as a trusted name in automotive care worldwide.

Discover the excellence of K2 and become one of the millions of satisfied customers around the globe. Explore our range today and take your automotive care to new heights.

Supplier of Cardos, ERLA, Carso, Versachem and K2 products has a minimum order value of £1200 +VAT and all these brands can be mixed in the same order to reach the minimum order value. Delivery is free to the UK mainland. In general, this supplier delivers within 2 weeks.

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