Step into the world of captivating scents with K2's Air Fresheners collection. Enhance your driving experience with the K2 Carat Car Speaker Membrane Air Freshener, seamlessly blending innovative technology with alluring fragrances. Treat your senses to the tropical charm of the K2 Florida Scent Canned Air Freshener or the refined elegance of the K2 Vento Solo Impressive Air Freshener, transforming your car into a haven of freshness.

Discover an array of delightful options, from the tangy allure of the K2 Frutti Mandarin Car Air Freshener to the rustic sophistication of the K2 Woody Wooden Hanging Air Freshener. Whether it's the bold masculinity of the K2 Man Car Perfume or the timeless allure of the K2 Woman Car Perfume, there's a scent to suit every persona. Embrace the epitome of luxury and freshness with K2 Air Fresheners, and embark on a fragrant voyage with every journey. Revive your surroundings today with K2's Air Fresheners and elevate every drive into an aromatic escapade.

Supplier of Cardos, ERLA, Carso, Versachem and K2 products has a minimum order value of £1200 +VAT and all these brands can be mixed in the same order to reach the minimum order value. Delivery is free to the UK mainland. In general, this supplier delivers within 2 weeks.

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