Welcome to the realm of K2's pro workshop products, where precision meets performance and quality reigns supreme. Dive into our arsenal of professional-grade solutions carefully crafted to elevate your workshop experience. From the potent K2 Brake Cleaner and Degreaser Aerosol Spray to the rejuvenating touch of K2 Kima Doktor Air-Con Cleaner Spray, each product is a testament to innovation and effectiveness.

Explore the unparalleled efficiency of K2 PTFE Dry Lubricant Aerosol Spray, the steadfast protection of K2 High Temp Ceramic Grease, and the relentless cleaning power of K2 Abra Hand Wash Cleaning Paste. Our range is designed to empower mechanics, enthusiasts, and professionals alike, ensuring every task is accomplished with finesse and proficiency. Elevate your workshop standards with K2's pro-grade solutions, where excellence is not just a goal but a standard. Unleash the potential of your workshop today! Upgrade your workshop with K2's professional-grade products and experience precision like never before!

Supplier of Cardos, ERLA, Carso, Versachem and K2 products has a minimum order value of £1200 +VAT and all these brands can be mixed in the same order to reach the minimum order value. Delivery is free to the UK mainland. In general, this supplier delivers within 2 weeks.

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