Introducing K2’s line of repair products, expertly designed to meet the diverse needs of car enthusiasts and professional mechanics. From the versatile K2 Multi-Purpose Agent 07, which lubricates and preserves, to the K2 Tire Doktor for sealing flat tires on the go, K2 has you covered. Whether you’re handling minor repairs or major maintenance tasks, K2’s innovative products, such as the high-performance Heat Resistant Silicone capable of withstanding temperatures up to 350°C, ensure exceptional results.

K2’s range also includes specialized adhesives and sealants for demanding applications. The K2 Prolok High Strength Anaerobic Adhesive offers unbeatable bonding for critical components, while the K2 Mefix High Temperature Muffler Cement ensures secure exhaust repairs. For quick fixes, the K2 Bondix Plus Cyanoacrylate Glue provides a fast-setting solution ideal for a variety of materials. With K2’s comprehensive suite of repair products, you can trust in quality, durability, and unparalleled performance. Discover the K2 difference today and take your repair game to the next level!

Supplier of Cardos, ERLA, Carso, Versachem and K2 products has a minimum order value of £1200 +VAT and all these brands can be mixed in the same order to reach the minimum order value. Delivery is free to the UK mainland. In general, this supplier delivers within 2 weeks.

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