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Evo-Stik, Bostik, OB1 and Siroflex products are supplied by the same supplier and have minimum order value of £300 +VAT and delivery costs £50 +VAT. Free delivery on orders over £600 +VAT. All 4 brands can be mixed in same order to meet the minimum quantity requirement.
In general this supplier delivers orders within 3 weeks.


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OB1® Multi-Layer Paint & Varnish Remover is a revolutionary product to remove old layers of paint and lacquer on surfaces of stone, asphalt, metal and wood.


  • Gel structure. Very effective.
  • The aerosol should be stored at room temperature before use.
  • Application temperature 5 – 30°C.
  • Spray pattern approximately 8 centimetre wide.


  • Shake before use. Before use, test the compatibility of the surface. Apply generously and allow to take effect. The time to take effect depends on the quality and age of the paint or lacquer to be removed. Then, remove with a tool appropriate for this purpose. On stubborn deposits, you need to repeat the process.

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