Step into confidence and durability with Blackrock Footwear by Rodo. Designed for the demands of professionals, our range of Tactical Officer Shoes and Boots offers unparalleled performance in the field. Crafted with precision and fortified with resilience, each pair ensures optimal support and traction for tactical manoeuvres, keeping you agile and focused when it matters most. Whether you're on duty or training, Blackrock Footwear empowers you to excel with every step.

For those serving on the front lines of emergency services, our Safety Boots and Trainers provide unmatched protection without compromising on comfort. Engineered to withstand rigorous environments, each pair combines innovative technology with robust construction to shield you from hazards. From Waterproof Boots to Ultimate Safety Shoes, our collection embodies the pinnacle of safety and reliability. Elevate your performance and safeguard your journey with Blackrock Footwear by Rodo.

Blackrock products are supplied by Rodo and minimum order value is £300 +VAT. Delivery is free. All brands listed under ProDec category - Blackrock, Fit For The Job, Baratec, Brush Mate, GoSystem, Cutter, Erfurt Mav, Bohle, Spontex and ProDec unbranded products - can be mixed in same order to reach minimum order value.
In general Rodo delivers orders within a week.

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