Discover the ultimate arsenal for flawless surface preparation with ProDec Sanding by Rodo. Dive into a world of precision with our diverse range of Aluminium Oxide Sanding Rolls, available in an array of shapes, sizes, and vibrant colours. Whether you're smoothing rough edges or refining intricate details, these rolls offer unparalleled versatility and durability, ensuring every project achieves professional-grade results.

Revolutionise your sanding experience with ProDec's Finishing Paper designed for both wet and dry sanding applications. Crafted to perfection, this paper guarantees impeccable finishes while providing optimal control and consistency. Elevate your craftsmanship further with our Advance Sanding Mesh, Flexible Sanding Pads, and an assortment of Wire Brushes, each meticulously engineered to tackle every sanding challenge with ease and precision. Unleash your creativity and achieve perfection with ProDec Sanding by Rodo.

ProDec products are supplied by Rodo and minimum order value is £300 +VAT. Delivery is free. All brands listed under ProDec category - Blackrock, Fit For The Job, Baratec, Brush Mate, GoSystem, Cutter, Erfurt Mav, Bohle, Spontex, Job Done and ProDec unbranded products - can be mixed in same order to reach minimum order value.
In general Rodo delivers orders within a week.

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