Introducing ProDec Workwear by Rodo, where craftsmanship meets innovation to redefine workwear standards. Our Advance Painter and Decorator Trousers combine durability with functionality, boasting reinforced stitching and ample pockets for ultimate convenience on the job. Stay agile and protected with our Painter and Decorator Shorts, designed for freedom of movement without compromising durability. And for those long hours spent kneeling, our Soft Foam Internal Knee Pads offer unrivalled comfort, ensuring you can focus on the task at hand without discomfort. ProDec Workwear by Rodo: where tradition meets cutting-edge design, equipping you with the tools you need for success, one project at a time.

ProDec products are supplied by Rodo and minimum order value is £300 +VAT. Delivery is free. All brands listed under ProDec category - Blackrock, Fit For The Job, Baratec, Brush Mate, GoSystem, Cutter, Erfurt Mav, Bohle, Spontex, Job Done and ProDec unbranded products - can be mixed in same order to reach minimum order value.
In general Rodo delivers orders within a week.

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