Welcome to the world of Soudal Tapes & EPDM Membranes, where innovation meets reliability to fortify your projects against the elements. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, our range includes the formidable Soudaband PRO MF1 Self Adhesive Sealing Tape, ensuring seamless seals that endure. For unparalleled air and watertight protection, trust our EPDM Membrane, a shield against nature’s whims.

Step into a realm of versatility with Soudatape Flex Airtight Sealing Tape and Butyband Fleece Airtight Sealing Tape, designed to adapt to diverse surfaces while maintaining impeccable sealing integrity. Need a dependable mounting solution? Look no further than Fix All Ultra Strong Mounting Tape, delivering steadfast adhesion for your mounting needs. Explore a myriad of solutions meticulously crafted by Soudal, setting new standards in durability and performance. Elevate your projects with confidence, knowing that Soudal Tapes & EPDM Membranes are your steadfast allies in the battle against the elements.

Products supplied by Soudal have minimum order value of £400 +VAT and delivery is free.
In general Soudal delivers orders within 5 working days.

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