Step into the realm of construction excellence with Timco's adhesives and building chemicals range, where innovation meets reliability. Crafted to elevate your projects, our offerings redefine durability and precision. Dive into innovation with our PESF Styrene Free Chemical Anchor Resin, ensuring steadfast bonds without compromising safety. Seamlessly join materials with our Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray, a versatile solution for diverse applications. From structural integrity to intricate detailing, trust our Multi-Purpose PVA Bond to deliver unmatched strength.

Experience reliability at every corner with Timco's General Purpose Acetoxy Silicone, offering superior sealing for both interior and exterior projects. Elevate fire safety standards with FAS Fire & Acoustic Door Foam Gun Grade, engineered to seal gaps effectively. With a plethora of solutions catering to various needs, Timco empowers builders and craftsmen alike to realise their visions with confidence. Revolutionise your construction endeavours with Timco's adhesives and building chemicals, where every product embodies excellence and reliability.

Products supplied by Timco have minimum order value of £200 +VAT. You can add to cart as many Timco products you like as long the cart total value is more than £200 +VAT. Timco orders to UK Mainland will have delivery charge £4.50 +VAT and orders are despatched by Timco via courier service.
Orders to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Republic of Ireland will have same delivery cost but the order minimum value have to be over £300 +VAT.

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