Unmatched in quality and innovation, tapes by Timco presents a comprehensive selection of adhesive solutions tailored to exceed expectations. From the essential packaging tapes to the specialised extreme temperature aluminium foil tapes, our diverse range ensures reliability in every application. Whether sealing packages for shipment or insulating against extreme temperatures, our tapes deliver unrivalled performance, guaranteeing durability and security.

Step into a world of unparalleled safety and efficiency with our anti-slip tape and self amalgamating tape, offering versatile solutions for various needs. With PVC insulation tape and more, Tapes by Timco remains committed to providing cutting-edge adhesive solutions for all your projects. Explore our collection and experience the difference in quality and reliability with tapes by Timco.

Products supplied by Timco have minimum order value of £200 +VAT. You can add to cart as many Timco products you like as long the cart total value is more than £200 +VAT. Timco orders to UK Mainland will have delivery charge £4.50 +VAT and orders are despatched by Timco via courier service.
Orders to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Republic of Ireland will have same delivery cost but the order minimum value have to be over £300 +VAT.

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