Embark on a journey through Vitcas' unparalleled adhesive and sealer selection. Crafted to endure extreme conditions, our offerings redefine reliability. From the Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive, ensuring steadfast bonds in scorching environments, to the Ceramic Fibre Adhesive reaching an impressive 1400°C, trust in Vitcas for superior performance. Seal confidently with the Heat Resistant Board Adhesive, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1300°C, providing unmatched durability in high-heat settings.

In need of swift solutions? Opt for the HB10 Rapid Setting Adhesive, resilient in temperatures of up to 750°C. Versatility meets excellence with the Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive, designed to maintain integrity even at 1000°C. With Vitcas, precision, reliability, and resilience converge to meet your adhesive needs with unparalleled finesse. Elevate your projects with Vitcas' cutting-edge bonding technology today.

Vitcas products have minimum order value of £400 +VAT. Delivery cost for Vitcas products depends on order weight and delivery post code. We will send you correct delivery cost after you submit the order request as we need to check the cost with Vitcas.

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