Unmatched durability and heat resistance define Vitcas' Zircon Refractories collection. Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1750°C, these products set a new standard for reliability in the most demanding conditions. Elevate your projects with Zircon Paint Coating Dry Powder, a 5kg powerhouse renowned for its ability to create a robust barrier against heat and corrosion. For larger applications, explore the versatility of Zircon Coil Plaster Castable, a 25kg solution that effortlessly molds to intricate shapes, ensuring steadfast protection in high-temperature settings.

But the options don't end there – discover our comprehensive range, featuring Zircon Rapid + Liquid for swift repairs, Zircon Patch for seamless fixes, and Silcas RGW Refractory Glaze Wash Coating for a flawless finish. With Vitcas' Zircon Refractories, durability meets innovation, empowering you to conquer the toughest environments with confidence. Unleash the full potential of your projects and redefine the limits of what's achievable with industry-leading solutions from Vitcas.

Vitcas products have minimum order value of £400 +VAT. Delivery cost for Vitcas products depends on order weight and delivery post code. We will send you correct delivery cost after you submit the order request as we need to check the cost with Vitcas.

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