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Granville as supplier has minimum order value £600 +VAT. All these brands are supplied by Granville: Turtle Wax, Veedol, Slick 50, Rain-X, Nova, Medo, Gunk, Burgess, Autosol, Abro, 10k Boost, Liquid Wrench and can be mixed in same order to reach minimum order value.
In general Granville delivers orders withing a week.

Product Description

Burgess Marine Clearsealer is a UV stable waterborne fine particle acrylic emulsion. When applied to timber, Marine Clearsealer dries to form a microporous membrane, sealing the timber. Marine Clearsealer is ideal for the treatment of wood in areas not subject to direct sunlight. It is specially suited for interior use where minimum colouration is required. Marine Clearsealer is UV stable but unlike Marine Woodsealer it does not contain UV blocking agents that protect the wood therefore, when used on exterior surfaces, it should always be used as a top coat in conjunction with Marine Woodsealer.

Product Benefits

  • Quick drying
  • Water based
  • Allows timbers to breathe

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