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ERLA Microfast is a practical set of 30 universal white seamless microfiber cloths in a convenient cardboard packaging. Useful in the work of professional cleaning companies, in beauty salons, medical and dental offices, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, wherever impeccable cleanliness is a must. Also perfect for home use.

The white color of the cloths is perfect for cleaning white furniture, leather sofas or car upholstery. You can be sure that even in combination with chemicals it will not stain the surface. Thanks to its properties, Microfast is also an excellent polishing cloth.

You can use Microfast many times and replace disposable cloths. Made of a reliable material - microfiber, which is exceptionally resistant to damage and extremely durable. The cloths are seamless - they have no stitching or sharpened fibers on the edges, so there is no risk of damaging delicate surfaces. They do not leave streaks or fibers .

Versatile . They can be used on virtually any surface - glass, plastic, matte and glossy furniture, rubber, tiles, wooden, metal, chrome and ceramic surfaces.

With ERLA Mi crofast you will never run out of cloths again!

  • 30 pieces in a package
  • Size 1 piece: 30x30cm
  • Composition: 20% polyamide, 80% polyester
  • Weight: 200 gsm

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